2022年2月1日 関西学院大学  解答速報  大問4



(1) Dan stayed up all night to his work done. So (    ) I.

(A) were  (B) was  (C) had  (D) did

(2) He tole me that I should complete the application form a week in (   ) of the due date.

(A) early   (B) advance  (C) front   (D) before

(3) (    ) he acted more sincerely, she might not have gotten upset.

(A) Having had  (B) Were   (C) Had   (D) Had been

(4) We’d better (    ) over these documents to check that there are no mistakes.

(A) gone  (B) go  (C) going  (D) to go

(5) (   ) for the scholarship. I wouldn’t be here at Cambridge to study English.

(A) But  (B) Within  (C) Unless  (D) Without

(6) Most of the items on the shelf are items (    ) I cannot do without.

(A) how  (B) what  (C) that  (D) those

(7) I wish I had written to her. (    ) it is, I will have to apologize for my long silence.

(A) For  (B) Since  (C) About  (D) As

(8) He tried to (   ) me that staying home was the only way to keep out of trouble.

(A) convince  (B) explain  (C) propose  (D) say

(9) We will serve a variety of local dishes. Please come to the table and (   ) yourselves.

(A) help  (B) give  (C) hand  (D) keep

(10) He is very positive in the way that he makes the (    ) of his failures.

(A) biggest  (B) most  (C) highest  (D) largest



(1) (D) (一般動詞の過去形stayedを用いているので、付加疑問文ではdidを用いる)

(2) (B) (熟語 in advance of A「Aより前に」が正解。(→ in front of A「Aの前」(位置)))

[語彙] application form「申込用紙」・due date「締切日」

(3) (C) 主節に「助動詞の過去形であるmight」があることから仮定法であり、仮定法過去完了形(If+S+had+過去分詞~)の倒置形であるので、(C) Hadが正解となる。

(4) (B) (had betterは2語セットの助動詞なので、動詞の原形を空欄に入れる)

(5) (A) (「もし~がなければ」But for A = without A = If it (had not been / were not) for A)

(6) (C) [文構造] ~ items {[不完全文](   ) I(S’) cannot do(V’) without [不足語]}

      ※ 不完全文であり、先行詞がitemsなので、関係代名詞のthatが正解である。

(7) (D) (※ 熟語 As it is 「ところが、実際は」)

(8) (A) (人+that節を取ることが出来るのは、選択肢の中ではconvinceのみである)

(9) (A) ([熟語] help yourselves 「ご自由にお取りください・ご自由にどうぞ」)

(10) (B) ([熟語] make the most of A 「Aを最大限利用する」)