2022年2月2日 関西学院大学 解答速報 大問4



(1) Let’s (    ) at a coffee shop for a snack before the lesson.

(A) stand in  (B) hand in  (C) stop off  (D) put off

(2) With his speed and precision, he has been (    ) as the best employee in our company.

(A) recognized  (B) recovered  (C) pulled   (D) patted

(3) (    ) student in this class is required to submit his or her paper by Monday next week.

(A) Whole  (B) Often  (C) All  (D) Every

(4) Take (     ) seat you like in the very front now.

(A) anyway  (B) whichever  (C) anyhow  (D) wherever

(5) I’m grateful (     ) your help the other day.

(A) to you about  (B) for you to  (C) to you without  (D) to you for

(6) You didn’t notice how depressed she got when you gave her the (    ) shoulder, did you?

(A) fashion  (B) cold   (C) angry  (D) distant

(7) I was asked to (     ) a survey and send it to head office.

(A) fill out  (B) full on  (C) make in  (D) sort of

(8) After a heated debate, the issue is still (    ).

(A) up in the air  (B) high in the sky  (C) into the ground  (D) cross into the water

(9) This is the community center (    ) I studied Japanese cooking.

(A) where  (B) when  (C) which  (D) whom

(10) If the weather (    ) fine yesterday, I would have done the laundry.

(A) must have been  (B) is  (C) wasn’t  (D) had been



(1) (C) (「コーヒーショップに立ち寄る」という意味から、stop off「立ち寄る」が正解。)[語彙] stand in A「Aの代役を務める」・hand in「提出する」・put off 「延期する」

(2) (A) (recognize「認識する・認める」、recover「修復する」、pat「軽くたたく」)

(3) (D) (動詞に着目すると、三人称単数のisを用いているので、Everyが正解である。)

(4) (B) (空欄の後ろに名詞seatがあるので、関係形容詞whicheverが正解である。)

(5) (D) ([熟語]  grateful to 人 for 理由 「[理由]のことで、[人]に感謝している」)

(6) (B) ([熟語]  give+人+the cold shoulder「人によそよそしい態度を取る」)

(7) (A) ([熟語]  fill out a survey「アンケ―トに答える」)

(8) (A) ([熟語]  up in the air「未解決で」)

(9) (A) (空欄の後ろに着目すると「完全文」であり、先行詞が「場所」よりwhereが正解)

(10) (D) (助動詞の過去形があるので、仮定法を疑い、本問は仮定法過去完了に関する設問)